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socks wip

The other day, I saw some amazing hand knit socks posted on Instagram and it reminded me that back when I was on 5 weeks of bed rest during my pregnancy (Dec 2010 – Jan 2011), I had started learning to knit socks…. but I quit on it halfway through the first sock, which was mainly because of the brand new screaming little bundle of joy that I just had ;)  So I rifled through my basket of WIP’s (works in progress) {Read More}

Long time, no blog…

photo 1

It has been a minute since I last updated!  Wow… so much has happened!  For one thing, I had gastric sleeve (weight loss) surgery on 2/11/14!  Today, a little over 2 months post op, I’ve lost 39 lbs!  You can read about my journey so far here.  We have had a lot of other stuff going on over the last year or so too, but I won’t go into all of that.  It’s just been a little chaotic and overwhelming {Read More}

Crochet: Amigurumi Monster


I took a class on Craftsy recently by Stacey Trock called “Design Your Own Monster”…. this class basically shows you how to do the basics of shaping so that you can crochet anything, whether it’s amigurumi monsters, animals, dolls, whatever.  Stacey is a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her! :)  This was my first attempt at a monster, which is great because a monster can look like anything :)  There’s nothing real to compare it to, {Read More}

Felt Needle Book


I saw a tutorial for a felt needle book over at Wild Olive a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it!  So I decided to make my own and I did some freehand embroidery on the front.  Pretty and useful! It is living in my embroidery bag now and I may even make a few more as gifts. I have so many projects going on right now and so many more on my to-do list, I’m finding it {Read More}

The Manghan: almost complete!


The Manghan is almost finished!  I started this in February, I think…. it’s a camo, single crochet afghan for my hubby.  He wanted it long, wide, and didn’t want any “holes” in it.  So I decided to go for a single crochet that would minimize the “holes” in the fabric :)  It has been slow going, but I think one more skein of yarn will do it!  Then I will do a single crochet border around it to finish it {Read More}

Recipe: Apple Butter Graham Crackers

photo 2

This has to be the EASIEST recipe on the planet, but it is so yummy, so I wanted to share it with you!  My mom used to make this for me all the time as a kid…. it’s actually been awhile since I’ve made this for my family.  It is so ridiculously simple, but I know you will love it! Ingredients: Graham Crackers Apple butter Directions: In a baking pan, line the bottom with a layer of graham crackers… don’t {Read More}

Free Embroidery Pattern: Mailbox


This is my first embroidery pattern ever!  I thought I’d share the love with you guys…. here is a link to download the PDF:  Mailbox Pattern_Shauna Jared The above example was embroidered by my friend, Miss Paula in Stitches!  Didn’t she do a lovely job? :)  Thanks Paula!  If you embroider my pattern, please leave a comment with a link so I can see it!  Or you can tag me on instagram @shajar75…. happy stitching!  I hope you enjoy!

Book Review: Though My Heart Is Torn by Joanne Bischof


What would you do if one day your entire life was pulled out from under you like a rug?  That’s what happens to Lonnie and Gideon in “Though My Heart Is Torn”, the sequel to “Be Still My Soul” (my review of “Be Still My Soul” can be found here).  In book one, Lonnie and Gideon are forced to marry in a shotgun wedding.  They come to love each other and have a child together and when the second book {Read More}

Hexagon Headband

Hexagon Headband

I’m kinda obsessed with hexagons and English Paper Piecing lately…. you can blame Mollie and Miss Paula for that! :)  I found a tutorial at Wild Olive for this adorable hexagon paper pieced headband so I had to give it a try!  You can find it here:  hexagon headband tutorial. I think I will make another one soon and try to fix some of the mistakes I made on this one!  For instance, I need to hide my knots in {Read More}

Embroidery: Hexagon Sampler Template

Hexagon Sampler Base

I’m really digging hexagons lately!  And I’ve been seeing all kinds of cute samplers with either open hexagons or blocks, filled in with random stitches or teeny tiny little embroidery patterns, or basically just whatever.  Very cute!  I have asked the owners of these samplers if I could possibly get their pattern, but they don’t have one to share.  Apparently, they’ve been making it up as they go along.  So I made my own hexagon sampler template and I thought {Read More}